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                        Stone Bowl – This bowl is used to 

                        crisp your Bibimbap rice. It may

                        also be used for soups/stews or other

                        hot bowl items.



                       Wok– I got this wok because of its size

                      and the fact that it’s non-stick.




                        Musubi Cutter – This is used for cutting

                       Spam for Musubi. It can also be used to

                       cut other soft items in a uniform thickness.


                         Musubi Press – The only thing I’ve ever

                         used the press for is Musubi. However, it

                         can be used to combine whatever you

                         want in a uniform package.


                        Mandolin – (This mandolin is SHARP) It’s

                        very useful for slicing, julienning and

                        many other cutting applications. Please

                        use the food guard and be very careful.

                        You could literally lose part of a hand or                                finger.




                         Hamilton Beach 7-Quart Slow Cooker -

                         This slow cooker is not only                                                   programmable, but also has a lid latch

                         strap to help when you transport food

                         from place to place.





                        Portable Gas Stove with Case - Great for                              cooking in a wok during the summer or

                        even on those warmer winter days. The

                        heat from gas is better distributed and                                   cooks more evenly.

                         Cuisinart Gas Grill, Four-Burner -

                         I bought this grill and use it full time in

                         the summer and as much as possible

                         on the warmer days the rest of the



                           Masterbuilt Propane Smoker - This is the

                           grill I use for smoking everything. It's

                           perfect for making Kalua Pig and a

                           multitude of other tasty dishes.


                          Libbey Small Glass Bowls with Lids,                                   Set of 8, Clear, 3.45-inch - These are the

                         bowls I use when measuring out the

                         ingredients for my recipes/dishes.





                 Sambal – This is a spicy suce

                   you will find yourself using in a bunch                      of dishes.



                  Spicy Chili Crisp – An oil infused with                        red pepper flakes. It adds heat and 



                     Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce 

                     A delightful combination of 

                     Habaneros, onions and spices. The                           True Bajan (yellow) has mustard

                     added for a traditional Caribbean 


                   Gochujang paste – An essential 

                    Korean sauce, also known as Korean

                    BBQ sauce.



                                        Nori– Seaweed and has many applications in various Asian



                                        Asian pear – A cross between a pear and an apple. Very

                                        useful in many Asian dishes especially Korean dishes.




                                         Fish Sauce - Not nearly as fishy tasting as you think. Just

                                         follow instructions in any recipe and it will add Umami.



                                        Golden Mountain Sauce – Used in many Thai dishes. Think                                          of it as a type of soy Sauce with a twist.


                                        Excellent Pancit Canton Noodles - These noodles can be

                                        used in many applications, however of course they

                                        are the best for Philippine Pancit.

                                      Shaoxing Wine, Chinese  640ml. I use this wine in many of

                                      my Asian recipes.

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