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Asian Moco

Here I've taken Hawaiian Loco Moco and added some Asian flavors. You can essentially add any seasonings you wish. This is simply comfort food. The results have been accepted and enjoyed by friends and family from all over the world. Now I share it with you.




- 1 egg

- 1 ground pork patty

- ½ small white onion 

- 1 cup cooked white rice

-  Asian BBQ sauce (homemade - recipe below)

- ¼ to ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese


- Dice onion and set aside.
​​- Cook sausage patty in small pan on medium heat.

-Cut sausage into small squares and mix with onions and rice.

​- Cook over easy egg on medium low heat. Take your time, be patient and egg will come out perfect.

​-Plate in order - rice mixture topped with Asian BBQ Sauce followed by cheddar cheese.

​- When egg is done, place on top of everything else.



*Homemade Asian BBQ Sauce

In a small container (such as a tasting container) combine 1 part  Sambal-Oelek  and 2 parts Sweet Chinese Chili Sauce, mix and set aside.

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