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This is considered the unofficial dish of the Philippines. It’s a comfort food usually made for dinner and characterized by its savory and sour flavor.


- 10 Ripe Plantain

- Jackfruit bulbs (inside of fruit)

    4 slices lengthwise per bulb

- 1 Lumpia wrapper per Turon

- 5 cups Brown sugar

- Canola oil or deep fryer


   Yield: 10 Turon




1. Cut Plantains in half lengthwise

2. Slice Jackfruit in half lengthwise

    Remove bulbs from center of fruit

    Cut bulbs into four equal slices lengthwise

3. To wrap a Turon, you can use a basic egg roll or spring roll technique. Place wrapper on a flat

    surface with corners on top, bottom and on left and right. Place the Plantain and jackfruit about two

    inches from the bottom corner. Take the bottom corner and fold over the filling, fole the left and

    right corners toward the middle. Roll upwards and continue rolling until ½” from top corner and

    dampen corner with water. Fold corner down and press lightly to seal.

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