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Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin

Like most people, I enjoyed a muffin with sausage, egg and cheese from a fast food place. I decided to do it at home and quit paying extra for something I can make myself.




1 English muffin (I use whole wheat)

1 ex-large egg

1 Tbs Egg substitute (egg whites)

1 sausage patty* (thickness - personal choice)

1 Tbs shredded cheese (Fiesta blend or Mexican 4 Cheese)

¼ tsp Season-All seasoning

- Salt and Pepper to taste

- (I also use Tabasco sauce)





Mixer with 1 beater

Round microwavable container for egg

   (Container should be size/shape of muffin)




- Toast muffin

- Cook sausage in a pan

    (Sausage should be size of muffin)

- Place egg and egg substitute in small bowl

- Beat with mixer creating froth

   (Froth causes egg to be light and rise)

- Microwave egg mixture in container (55 seconds)

  - Assemble dish

   (Muffin bottom, sausage, egg, cheese, muffin top)

- Serve and enjoy

 * Substitutes for sausage – Bacon, Deli Ham or Turkey

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