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Beef Stir-Fry

I got the idea for this dish from watching Chef Jet Tila and his lovely wife, Ali, cooking another stir-fry on YouTube. After changing a few ingredients this version of Beef Stir-Fry was born. Just be mindful of the heat and adjust the number of chilis to suit your taste.



- ½ lb of beef strips 1” X 4” X ⅛” thick

       - I use up to ¼ lb Walmart stir-fry beef (per person)      

- 2 sliced carrots

- 1 chopped yellow onion

- 1 Red Bell Pepper

- 1½ cups Kale

- 1 Baby Bok Choy (thin sliced)

- 4 Scallions

- 3 Garlic Cloves

- 2 Tbs sugar

- 1 Tbs Ginger/Onion Oil (see directions below)

- 3 Tbs Thai Sweet Chili Sauce (Homemade)

     - (1 Tbs Sambal Oelek & 2 Tbs Chinese Sweet Chili Sauce)

- 1 Tbs Hot Chili Oil (I use Spicy Chili Crisp)

- 2 Tbs Shaoxing wine

- Cornstarch

- ⅓ Cup chicken stock (I use homemade)

- 1 Tbs sesame Oil




- Prep Beef

     - Marinade Beef in a plastic bag for at least six hours (overnight is better)


     - 2 Tbs Soy sauce

     - 1 Tbs Oyster sauce

     - 4 Minced Garlic Cloves (divided)

     - 1 Tbs Catsup

     - 1 tsp Shaoxing Wine

     - 2 Tbs Sugar

- Prep vegetables (carrot, onion, pepper, Scallions, Kale and Baby Bok Choy)

     - Cut onion into julienne slices

     - Slice carrot on a bias (at an angle)

     - Thin slice bell pepper into matchstick slices

     - Thin slice Baby Bok Choy into matchstick slices

     - Cut the white part of scallions into small pieces

     - Cut the green part on a bias about ½” long

- In a small container make two Tbs of water/cornstarch slurry.


- Rule #1 for Stir-Frying. ALWAYS  KEEP  THE  FOOD  MOVING!*


- Heat oil in a wok until it shimmers

- Put half of garlic in wok and cook until fragrant.

- Add beef and marinade together, then stir-fry until it’s about ¾ done.

- Add rest of the vegetables in the following order; carrot, onion, and bell


- Next is sugar, then wine and chicken stock.

- Last is the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and Hot Chili Oil and mix. Stir-fry for

  about one minute and add slurry. Keep stirring and moving until sauce is


- Plate and enjoy.

Ginger/Onion Oil


- corn oil
- 2" ginger (grate on med grate of box grater)
- 1/2 med onion (small chop)


- heat oil until shimmering (when one piece of onion dropped fries instantly)
- Drop onion and ginger in oil and cook for 5-7 min. (take care not to burn)
- Remove from heat and let cool - place in squeeze bottle in fridge

*  Rule One is thanks to Chef Jet Tila




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