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  Firebird Chicken Stir-fry





This is a dish I put together based on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives as well as some flavors I've experienced here on the Mainland. It's a basic stir-fry with a sweet, sour and spicy profile.


2 tbsp Canola Oil

1 tsp Unsalted Butter

4 Chicken breasts (skinless/boneless)

1 Baby Bok Choy

1 Carrot thin sliced on a bias

½ medium red onion (thin sliced)

1 cup sliced Cabbage

1-2 cups Broccoli florets

1-2 cups Mushrooms

1 red Bell Pepper (¼” X 1” slice)



½ Asian/Korean Pear (grated)

¼ cup granulated sugar

½ cup Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Sweet Soy Sauce

¼ cup Oyster Sauce

½ cup Mirin

2 tbsp Ketchup

1 tbsp chili crisp

1 tbsp Sambal Oelek

- Hot Sauce (optional)


  I use a one gallon zip lock plastic bag for marinade.

- Remove seeds and grate pear, skin and all, then place in bag.

- Combine the rest of marinade ingredients in bag and mix.

- Place velveted chicken in bag and mix thoroughly.

- Place marinade in refrigerator for minimum of 4 hours and up to three days.


Velveting the chicken

-Video on home page-

Cut chicken into 1”- 1½” cubes and place in a bowl.

Pour enough water over chicken to just dampen it and pour out excess.

Sprinkle enough corn starch on meat to barely coat and massage with hands.

Place in refrigerator and allow to sit for 25–30 min.

Remove from bowl and rinse in colander.



Chef Jet Tila’s #1 Rule. When stir-frying, keep food moving.

1. Heat wok or pan to high heat and add oil and butter

2. Add chicken to wok (reserving marinade), cook until ¾ done and remove to


3. Lower heat to med-high. Place vegetables in wok in following order;

     Carrots, cabbage, bok choy, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, mushrooms.

4. Pour marinade over vegetables and cook for a minute.

5. Add chicken, mix and cook until done (3-4 minutes)

6. Transfer to platter and serve.

- There's also a video here for velveting meats under the "Tools/Tips & Videos" Tab.

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